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When you choose a public relations agency, especially a new name on the block, it’s only natural you want to know what your money’s buying. With TLC, it’s buying proven skills from senior partners who can deliver real results. Of course, that’s just what you’d expect us to say. So here, with more objective proof, are comments from some of our clients and media colleagues both past and present:

We have worked with Lynn for five years now during which time we have enjoyed excellent PR coverage in the construction press, raising awareness in our market. She is clearly well regarded by the journalists as a source of quality stories, she has an excellent understanding of our business and provides us with the push we regularly need to examine our contracts from a PR perspective.
Chris Carter - Commercial Director, Mabey Support Systems

“It is quite common for a magazine to want to keep some PR companies at arm’s length but we don’t feel that way with Tracy which is important for the positive presentation of a company in the long term.”
Nathan Bushell, editor, Roofing, Cladding and Insulation

“Tracy is a hard-working professional and we are finding her pro-active nature is not only raising our profile on key areas – product news and stories – but we have also seen a dramatic increase in the amount of coverage as a direct result of her efforts.”
Mike Wood, marketing manager, Eternit Building Materials

“Lynn has shown a professional approach to promoting her clients. She is tenacious and sincerely dedicated to doing her best for them. She not only understands their business and their publicity needs, she also knows how to grab the attention of editors and use the media to the client’s best advantage. Lynn is adept at getting her clients noticed. I have watched at least two companies raise their press profiles significantly after switching to Lynn. ”
David Taylor, Construction News