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Four-division group completes the first phase of its relocation.

Specialist contractor the O'Keefe Group have marked the completion of the first phase of relocation, with their plant division moving into their £5 million newly-constructed specialist facility, including specific equipment to maintain their expansive fleet of construction equipment.

After almost 30 years of being based in Greenwich, the company will next be moving their head office to their 10-acre Cricketts Farm site next year to Borough Green, Kent, set amongst an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

With the future move to Cricketts Farm for the head office functions, the O'Keefe Group have also purchased an office near London Bridge to facilitate their London and Demolition management teams which generate £60 to £70m of the group's annual turnover.

Their new Kent headquarters site - a modern, specific, appropriately-designed office building - is now starting to come out of the ground adjacent the newly-opened plant division and specialist workshop which became operational in July. O'Keefe have also invested more than £2.5 million in new plant and machinery this year, and now have more than 50 excavators with new stabilisation/earthworks equipment to complement the fleet.

The Cricketts Farm site comprises an area of greenfield land and an assortment of period barns and a listed farmhouse which are being refurbished and converted into offices, a gymnasium, café and woodland footpaths to reflect O'Keefe's focus on the well-being of their staff.

The majority of O'Keefe's head office workforce will make the move to Kent and the company also expects to recruit additional staff once the new HQ is up and running.

Company CEO Patrick O'Keefe, whose father Patrick senior founded the business as a small groundworks contractor in 1970, said: “We bought Cricketts Farm four years ago with the intention of eventually making it our headquarters site but the need for the plant division move was earlier than expected due to how the business has grown, particularly over the past few years.”

Managing director Lee Horsley said: “This is probably the most significant event in our recent history. We are all looking forward to working from our new location which will enable much closer cooperation between our divisions and delivery of a constantly improving end product for our clients.”


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