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A wall system with superior handling features is launched by the precast concrete specialist.

A robust modular wall system that is almost as easy to build as the Lego bricks it mimics has been launched by precast concrete systems manufacturer Kijlstra.

The Concrete Blok system now features two lifting anchors and two forklift points cast into each block to ensure maximum ease of manoeuvrability while its Lego-like seating nodules allow for quick construction with no groundwork or fixings required.

Suitable for flood control and aggregate storage bays, partition and firebreak walls, car parks, agriculture and security compounds, and traffic calming/blocking, the Concrete Blok system has a design life of 50+ years thanks to its superior characteristics.

These include C40/50 concrete strength and high exposure classes - XA2 (equivalent) for aggressive chemical environments, XC4 for carbonation-induced corrosion, and XF4 for freeze/thaw attack.

Some 600mm tall and wide, the blocks are available from Kijlstra's UK factory in two lengths (1800mm weighing 1600kg and 900mm weighing 800kg) and two finishes. While both feature two lifting anchors and two forklift pins for increased handling possibilities, one of the finish types can also be delivered without the forklift pin openings.

The Concrete Blok is the latest diversification for Kijlstra who are Europe's leading manufacturer of precast concrete drainage systems including the revolutionary square manholes it launched to the UK eight years ago.

Just 18 months ago they launched Blokade, an interlocking perimeter security barrier whose triangular shape mimics a Toblerone chocolate bar but is designed to impale any vehicle trying to drive over it.


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