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A €20 million investment has been unveiled by Armstrong World Industries.

Armstrong World Industries has marked a €20 million investment with the official opening of a new production line capable of turning out tens of thousands of ceiling tiles per day.

The new lamination production line boosts the supplier's manufacturing capacity and provides more output flexibility for all the European markets, shortening the lead time to deliver its products for new construction and refurbishment projects, small or large, in the markets of Southern Europe, including France, Spain and Italy, from its site in Pontarlier, France.

Armstrong has utilised state-of-the-art technology to produce top-quality smooth white acoustical ceilings and has marked the development with new, minimalistic and easily identifiable packaging.

To accommodate the new lamination production line, the plant is expanding to more than 36,000m² of enclosed area. The new production line has a fully-automatic laminator guaranteeing a superior visual and premium finish.

Other improvements have been developed to ensure the optimal acoustic performance of each product, opening up multiple future development possibilities in terms of performance, dimensions and aesthetics.

Victor D Grizzle, CEO of Armstrong World Industries, said: “This is an exciting time for us in Europe and I thank the local community and all of our employees and partners for their dedication and support of this project.

“Providing our plant with new production capacity will allow us to strengthen our position in Europe by relying on our manufacturing expertise and optimizing our strong position in terms of price, quality and service.”

The new lamination production line reflects Armstrong's commitment to sustainability with:

         5,000 tonnes of waste and raw materials recycled in-house per year,

         1,500 tonnes of paper recycled per year,

         Off-cut ceiling waste or rejected panels withdrawn from production by the quality team automatically reprocessed,

         Leftover paint 100% recycled,

         Used water routed through an in-house recycling and treatment process.

This investment supports Armstrong's strategy to provide a better customer experience by providing the best-in-class quality, improving its capability and flexibility, giving the company the opportunity to develop new products more quickly and improving the service of its existing laminated range, all over Europe.


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