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A dynamic guide forflexible, acoustic canopies and baffles has been published by Armstrong.

Expert advice on the almost endless range of dramatic designand acoustic possibilities that can be achieved with canopies and baffles,including Optima Baffles Curves, the first curved mineral baffles in theindustry, is contained within a new floating ceilings brochure from Armstrong.

Floating ceilings inspire great spaces by introducing newshapes and add depth, scale and rhythm to internal areas, creating acontemporary aesthetic for modern building designers in the transport,education, commercial and retail sectors.

But the 56-page A4 guide also explains that canopies andbaffles can help create a more sustainable interior, contributing to improvedindoor air quality and acoustics, and supporting high-mass, low-energyconstruction.

All this in a peerless variety of colours, effects includingwood, and materials including mineral and metal, as well as shapes includingsquare, rectangular, circular, concave, convex and curved. Floating ceilingsare also ideal for the easy integration of building services such as lightingand cooling and heating elements.

Floating ceilings are capable of providing greater acousticsound absorption than continuous ones because all their faces and edges areexposed, and because they are easily relocatable are as suitable for retrofitand refurbishment as they are for new-build.

In addition, specially-engineered surfaces reflect up to 87%of light to improve illumination, making spaces brighter and more comfortableand cutting energy bills. They are additionally sustainable in that they aremanufactured from a high degree of recycled material and are also recyclable.

The brochure also explains how product variety is backed byservice support including consultations with specifiers or main contractors,supply of BIM and production of CAD drawings bespoke to the project which arethen used to engineer a production schedule and logistics plan, and on-siteguidance and post-installation review if required.

Armstrong’s new floating ceilings brochure is available todownload from http://www.armstrong.co.uk/assets/global/commclgeu/files/Literature/3514.PDFand via the Armstrong Ceiling Systems App available from both the Apple storeas well as the Google Play store, or by clicking on one of the links below withyour mobile device www.armstrong.com/CeilingDownloads-Appleor www.armstrong.com/CeilingDownloads-Android.


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