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Architectural aluminium systems by Kawneer feature on a new primaryschool.


Glazed elements by leading architectural aluminium systems supplierKawneer have helped a visionarynew school achieve a BREEAM “Very good” rating.



The manufacturer’s AA®100 zone-drained and AA®100 SSG (StructurallySilicone Glazed) curtain walling, AA®541 top-hung casement windows, AA®541actuated windows at high level as rooflights and series 190 heavy-duty commercialentrance doors were specified for Trumpington Meadows primary school nearCambridge.


The curtain walling, with 50mm sightlines, was installed by approvedspecialist sub-contractor JPJ Installations for main contractor Willmott Dixon onthe main entrance and assembly hall while the 190 doors were used to giveclassrooms direct access to the outdoor space and the windows were used throughoutthe £8.5million building.


The new school comprises four Key Stage 1 classes for 120 children,eight Key Stage 2 classes for 240 children, two reception classes, early yearsaccommodation, group activity spaces, learning resource areas, main hall andactivity studio, catering facilities, administration and staff facilities, andcommunity space.


An extensive community and stakeholder consultation resulted in anadaptable, inclusive and visionary design with a strong understanding of thespecific requirements of future pupils, staff and the community.


Kawneer was recommended by SCAPE for use with their system and providedthe low U-value required, with the seamless combination of opening windows,doors and actuated windows meeting the brief requirements.


Following discussions with JPJ Installations the windows were designedto be attached directly to the timber SIPS panels. This resulted in them beinginstalled early in the construction programme. Due to this the building waswater tight much sooner than in traditional construction, allowing internalworks to commence and ultimately a shorter construction programme to be achieved.


The large entrance foyer integrates the community, pre-school andschool, reinforcing the community. From there, all elements of the building canbe accessed, with views into the heart of the learning environment.


The foyer has a six-metre glazed façade to maintain visual continuity betweenoutside and inside space while the façade incorporates an expanse of Kawneerglazing to add transparency between the local centre and community space withinthe building.


The Trumpington Meadows site on 155 acres of the former Plant BreedingInstitute was acquired in 2004 by the Trumpington Meadows Land Company (TMLC), apartnership between property giant Grosvenor and the UniversitiesSuperannuation Scheme (USS), one of the UK's largest pension funds.


TMLC signed an agreement in 2010 to give Barratt Homes exclusive rightsfor residential development on the Trumpington Meadows site. Barratt plans tobuild 1,200 new homes in a phased development programme over five years, thenew school being part of that.


The classrooms at Trumpington Meadows were designed to achieve a levelof good light distribution, with large picture windows spanning from floor toceiling to the external façade, with high level clerestory windows bringinglight into the deeper spaces.


The teaching accommodation was designed to maximise natural light andventilation. Every classroom is cross-ventilated with a combination of manuallow-level windows and automatic clerestory windows, and each classroom hasdirect access to outdoor space – a key aspiration of the Fawcett Federation andtemporary governing body - to ensure the opportunity for free flow of movement,allowing flexible ways of teaching in both outdoor and indoor spaces.




Photo:Willmott Dixon/Yellowdoor Studios


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