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Slateware from Wales helps dish up a new restaurant in Dubai.


Slateware from Wales is now gracing the tables of the exclusive Seven Sands Restaurant in Dubai.



The equally exclusive tableware range from Welsh Slate Ltd is contributing to the United Arab Emirates’ image as a hub of food innovation rooted in tradition, with the Seven Sands designed by the Dubai World Trade Centre team but located in the retail complex The Beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence.


Starter/pudding plates and main plates from Slateware’s Dressed collection, which features hand-dressed edges to reflect Welsh Slate’s 500 million-year-old pedigree, are complemented by small serving plates from the ultra-contemporary Fine collection with its fine elegant lines.


The first fruits of a collaboration between Welsh Slate Ltd, Steelite International (the worldwide supplier of innovative tableware) and A Ronai LLC (Steelite’s strategic partner in the UAE and Gulf region), the Slateware pieces are being used in the more formal dining areas of the 240-seat restaurant which also features a more casual lounge and a “Grab and go” takeaway element.


Vincent Egels, director of operations hospitality services at the Dubai World Trade Centre, said: “The food is looking great on the Slateware plates. Guest comments have been fantastic and the quality is perfect.”


The Seven Sands name refers to the seven Emirates that make up the UAE and customers include UAE and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) nationals as well as local residents and tourists who can choose to dine either indoors or outdoors on two levels.


It is believed to be the first restaurant in the region to focus on traditional Emirati, rather than Middle Eastern, Oriental or Lebanese cuisine, but presented in innovative ways, using contemporary tableware.


Designed to tell the story of the UAE’s journey from a small trade and pearl-diving outpost to a vibrant, cosmopolitan regional hub, dishes include Shark Sambousa, Lamb Thereed and date pudding.




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