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BounceBack is celebrating the launch of the first Dry Lining Training Centre to openin a London prison in a unique joint initiative with the construction industry.



Supportedby Knauf and Encon working with Be Onsite, Land Securities and Lend Lease thecentre responds to the urgent need for trained workers in the sector anddemonstrates how the industry can support in-prison training in a sponsoredmodel which will see nearly 100 prisoners a year training to enter theworkforce. 


The facility offers the inmates of HMP Brixton theopportunity to learn dry lining in a state of the art training space. LandSecurities, Lend Lease, Knauf and Encon have worked together to make thisopportunity a reality, to meet a genuine need within the industry for traineddry liners.  Work will be offered totrainees upon release by the partners along with other organisations.


The specific investment of materials by Knauf and theprovision of logistics services by Encon have made the centre possible. “It isamazing what can be done when everyone comes together to make something happen,”said Fran Findlater, CEO of Bounce Back. “The need for skills in theconstruction industry means that the number of potential employees in prisonpresents a great opportunity.”


The training will be facilitated by Bounce Back whohave been successfully running painting and decorating training courses withinthe prison for over a year.  For BounceBack this is an exciting progression in line with their objective ofeffectively training offenders with skills that are relevant for employmentupon release - either within their own social enterprise or beyond.


The initiative was sparked as labour marketinformation highlighted skills shortages within the construction industryincluding dry lining. Land Securities and Lend Lease expressed a desire to addressthis with Land Securities offering opportunities through its CommunityEmployment Programme, supported by Lend Lease. Val Lowman (Lend Lease) putBounce Back in touch with their dry lining supply chain partners, Encon andKnauf, and the programme evolved.



Debbie Akehurst, head of corporate responsibilityin London at Land Securities, said: “Working with partners such as Bounce Back,Lend Lease and Be Onsite means we can really target those furthest from the jobmarket. We have a fantastic opportunity here to train people to meet industryneed and help people reach their own potential.”


The programme is targeted to train 70 participantsper academic year and offers those referred whilst in custody the opportunityto participate in the CITB C Skills course in dry lining to Diploma Level2. 


Having gained a construction skills qualificationwhilst in custody, cohorts are well positioned to enter the constructionindustry workforce immediately upon release. This is a major step in bridgingthe gap from prison to employment as Bounce Back are further supported by LendLease and Land Securities who approach their supply chains to help broker workplacements and create sustainable job opportunities.





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