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Following the launch of Phase 2 of the Government’s PrioritySchool Building Programme (PSBP), leading interior solutions provider Armstronghas launched a RIBA-approved CPD on ceiling solutions for education.

The seminar, which earns RIBA members double points, meetsRIBA’s core curriculum subjects of designing and building it (design,construction, technology and engineering) and climate (sustainablearchitecture), both at a general awareness knowledge level.

The CPD is designed to help architects better understand thenew PSBP designs for schools and meet acoustic and thermal requirements tocreate a more energy efficient and comfortable learning environment.

And because solutions for both acoustics and overheatinghave the potential to impact on each other, it emphasizes that rather thanbeing just useful, it is essential that both are designed and consideredtogether.

The CPD advises that among other factors, acoustically thereverberation requirements have not changed from the original BB93 although theintroduction of spaces for SEN (Special Educational Needs) students adds therequirement for high sound absorption at low frequencies. Also, that rain noisewas not mentioned in the original BB93 and now the PSBP gives a more realisticfigure than the BREEAM figure that was sometimes specified.

It also advises that thermally, using Armstrong CoolZonePhase Change Material (PCM) ceiling tiles, allows high thermal mass propertiesto be added to the lightweight construction currently preferred for reducingthe cost of construction and on-going maintenance of a school.

As well as new-build projects, the use of these passiveenergy-saving materials also helps with a low-carbon energy strategy for schoolrefurbishments.

Case studies such as Hartsdown Academy, Twydall PrimarySchool and Belvoir High School help explain how the use of Armstrong acousticceiling solutions and PCM ceiling tiles have met the requirement s of theoutput specification - the design standardisation created by the EFA (EducationFunding Agency) to reduce school building costs, complexity and build time.

Armstrong’s complete CPD portfolio is available onhttp://www.armstrong.co.uk/commclgeu/eu1/uk/gb/RIBA_seminars.html

or architects can contact the company directly to book oneon 0800 371849.


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