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Fermacell, manufacturer of “the ultimate buildingboard” has earned an EPD.

Specialist buildingpanel manufacturer Fermacell has revealed that its gypsum fibreboards have beenawarded an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

The certification (EPD-XEL-2009411-D)follows an independent* life cycle assessment that reviewed raw materialextraction and energy generation, raw material transport and the actualproduction of coated gypsum fibreboards including packaging and disposal.

An EPD is anindependently verified and registered document that communicates transparentand comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact ofproducts. About 450 EPDs from 150 companies are currently published and freelyavailable in the international EPD system for a wide range of products.

The Fermacell boardswere evaluated for renewable and non-renewable primary energy and the potentialfor global warming, acidification, eutrophication, as well as for photochemicalozone creation and ozone depletion.

The declarationcovers Fermacell boards for internal walls and external rainscreen backing aswell as ceilings and floors and includes the Greenline board which features aspecial coating designed to absorb and neutralise volatile organic compounds(VOCs) from the air for good.

The EPD according toISO 14025 confirms that no special tools are required for the handling,processing and cutting of the boards, that the boards are recyclable and thatthey have a long useful life of at least 50 years.

In addition to theEPD, an independent report** has also identified several KPIs (Key PerformanceIndicators) in both the BREEAM and LEED green building certification schemesthat are relevant to Fermacell's gypsum fibreboards.

For BREEAM aspects,these related to construction site and life cycle impacts (the EPD playing apart in the latter) and responsible sourcing of materials, with potential forconstruction waste management and innovation.

For LEED aspects,these related to recycled content and regional materials, with potential forconstruction waste management and innovation in design.


*By Institut Bauenund Umwelt e.V.

**By PE International. 

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