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Cladding panels from Steni UK are now available for BIM.

Products from specialist cladding panelmanufacturer Steni UK are nowavailable for BIM.

Downloadable in multiple BIM formats includingAutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit and Sketchup, Steni's glass fibre reinforced compositepanels for exterior and interior façade applications are now available through www.bimobject.com which has notched up500,000 free downloads.

The Steni portfolio on www.bimobject.com includes the company'sColour panels with a smooth surface of 100% acrylic that is electron beam curedwithout the use of solvents, Nature panels with a surface of aggregated naturalstones from Europe, and Imago panels with a surface of ceramic-coloured finenatural stone.

Colour panels are available in 60 standard coloursand almost any colour from the NCS-, RAL- or BS- system as well as three glosslevels, Nature in 20 different natural stone colours and up to five grades inmany of these colours, and Imago in nine pure colours and one blend.

Steni's BIM object contains 3D digital replicas ofthe products and all the critical information an architect needs about them to guidethem through the whole design, documentation and construction process.

3D images complement the drawings and details thatare the legal documents in the design and construction process when theinformation model is a basis for tenders and proposals.

Steni UK managing director Ian Anderson said: “ThisBIM facility helps to move us on from demonstrating to architects how abuilding will look with different panel arrangements to looking at the façadein conjunction with the window manufacturer, roofing company and servicesengineers.

“Our customers will benefit from visualisation andmodelling early in the design process when colour, size and structure isessential, as well as more accurate detailing, dimensions, weight calculationsand cost calculations.”


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