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Kawneer windows are now tested to BS EN 12101-2. 

Two window types by leading architectural aluminium systems supplier Kawneer are now tested to the European harmonised smoke vent standard, meeting the mandatory requirement under the Construction Product Regulations that came into force in July 2013.

Kawneer's AA®541 and AA®720 open-out casement windows, using SECO N 24 40 actuators from façade automation specialists SE Controls, passed BS EN 12101-2 to offer a fully compliant solution for specifiers, main contractors and fabricators.

Vertical options for top, side and bottom-hung open-out applications are now available with a single or twin actuator offering opening widths of up to 900mm to meet required free areas for high rise residential and non-residential applications.

Kawneer's approved network of specialist sub-contracting installers is now able to access SE Controls' support with estimating, design and CAD through to installation and CE certification. 

This is due to SE Controls' certified Factory Production Control system which is verified by an accredited body notified to BS EN 12101-2. This process is required as a smoke vent is AVCP Level 1 which is a higher level than BS EN 14351-1 which is Level 3. A Declaration of Performance (DoP) and Certification of Compliance is then produced by SE Controls to accompany the CE Mark on behalf of Kawneer's dealer.

To meet the standard, both actuator and vent were tested together to the BS EN 12101-2 annexes at an independent certified test house and witnessed by a body notified to the standard.

The vent and actuator in the closed position were installed into the wall of a furnace and the temperature raised to 300˚C at which point the vent was automated to the fully-open position. The vent then had to stay in position for 30 minutes at 300˚C without reducing the size of the aperture produced by more than 10%.


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