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Roof slating and tiling students at South Lanarkshire College are being helped by Welsh Slate.

Dozens of roofing apprentices are getting first-hand knowledge of Welsh slate that they may otherwise not have been able to do, thanks to THE Welsh Slate company.

Roofing lecturers at South Lanarkshire College had approached various manufacturers for help with materials for training rigs and CPDs, and Welsh Slate was the first to respond.

The North Wales company has donated eight pallets of slates from its main Penrhyn Quarry to the college to give first, second and third-year students hands-on experience of cutting and fixing slate on mobile training rigs in the college workshops.

To support this, Welsh Slate's representative in Scotland and the north east, Alex Grant, presented two CPD seminars to the block release students on the four-year roof slating and tiling course to SCQF Level 7.

And to complement that, lecturers James McVey, John McGinley and John Baird were hosted to a tour of Penrhyn Quarry by the quarry manager and were so impressed with some old photos of the original manufacturing process that they are purchasing copies to hang in a new workshop.

Brian Hannigan, construction curriculum manage for South Lanarkshire College, said: “Our students have benefited greatly from Welsh Slate's support and are now very much aware of the quality of Welsh Slate. They use them daily in the workshops and they are well aware of where they come from.”

He added: “I would have had to have spent a fair bit of money that might not have been available otherwise.”


Caption: Welsh Slate's Alex Grant (far left) presents a CPD to roofing students at South Lanarkshire College.

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