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A comprehensive construction tool for glazing fabricators has been launched by Kawneer.

New estimating software with a built-in structural engineering package that offers fabricators the chance to quickly value-engineer a project has been launched by leading architectural aluminium systems supplier Kawneer.

KawneerPro uses proven technology to speed up the estimating process for the company's curtain walling, window and door fabricators.

Based on the industry's well-known LogiKal software, KawneerPro enables fabricators to estimate from architects' drawings the cost of the aluminium product - curtain walling, windows, doors or framing systems.

A comprehensive construction tool, it is designed to produce cross section drawings, quotations, cut optimisation sheets, materials and assembly lists, elevation plans, structural analysis and word processing for creating quotations, order confirmations, bills of quantity and delivery notes.

It can also interface directly with production equipment through a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) linkage which makes the move from estimation to machining on three- to five-axis machines not only faster but more accurate.

The new system enables cross sections to now display more details including annotation and dimensioning as well as a simple “Undo” facility enabling them to be corrected without the lengthy rebuilding of frames, again saving time.

The “Swap system” enables the user to quickly and easily replace one Kawneer system with another to give comparative quotes, while a “Find and replace” function can replace frame profiles within a whole project for multiple quote items in one step.

Improved functionality also provides average U-values across a number of systems (multiple curtain wall screens, for example) as well as a mixture of systems (curtain wall, windows and framing) as well as Psi values on all systems.

Kawneer approved installer AB Glass were one of the first to embrace the new technology. Procurement administrator Anthony Evans said: “KawneerPro has made a huge difference. Not only is it much more detailed and accurate but it is significantly quicker. There is just so much you can do with it.”

The contractor has already value engineered a school of art project and minimised wastage by 10%.

KawneerPro team leader Jason Wilson said: “The new system enables our dealers to offer an improved service to architects and contractors.”


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