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Slate dinnerware from Welsh Slate's Slateware range is now being used at the Café Royal in London. 

Food at one of the world's most iconic hotels is now being served and presented on Welsh Slate dinnerware.

Welsh slate aficionado Andrew Turner, who joined London's Café Royal as executive head chef following a full refurbishment, is using key elements of the company's Fine and Dressed ranges from its Slateware portfolio.

These include starter and main course plates, placemats and charcuterie boards from the Dressed collection which features hand-dressed edges to reflect slate's natural texture. This traditional approach is complemented by contemporary functionality, with grooved borders to capture  sauces, “feet” for ease of lifting and the collection being dishwasher safe. 

In addition, the Café Royal hotel is now also using starter, main course, appetiser, ice cream and small and large cheese plates from Slateware's Fine collection which is designed with elegant, sharp lines to complement the contemporary presentation of food.

Andrew has countered his cuisine with Welsh slate since he was executive chef at Brown's hotel in London, formerly owned by Raffles hotels, some 15 years ago. At the Café Royal, where he heads a team of more than 50 chefs, the Welsh Slate dinnerware will be used in The Grill Room, for private dining, amenities and in The Cake Shop.

He said: “Slateware is very practical and easy to maintain. Its clean lines allow simple presentations to shine with ease and create a strong statement on a fine linen tablecloth. I especially like to use them when presenting canapés, Café Royal cakes and restaurant dishes with rich colours.”

Pastry chefs Simon Jenkins and Andrew Blas added:  “We are passionate about presenting beautifully crafted breads, desserts and pastries on Slateware. It is simple, understated and the matt finish is uncomplicated. It allows some products and dishes to show their natural colouring. This works in a reverse format to a white canvas.”

As well as the Fine and Dressed collections, Slateware by Welsh Slate also includes the Honed collection which highlights the natural veinings exclusive to Welsh Slate and has been lovingly hand-polished by Welsh slate craftsmen to give an ultra-smooth, luxurious feel. More recent additions to the Slateware portfolio include a professional Occasion and Bespoke collections. 


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